Free Repairs Of Garage Door Trim *

Thinking about having vinyl siding installed on your home? Did you know the most common place for damage is around the garage doors? Watch this video to find out how we’ve taken care of that problem …

Full Video Transcription:
Creative Home Improvement has been installing Vinyl Siding all over Fairfield County for nearly 40 years.

Today we’re talking with Andy about potential damage to your garage doors aluminum trim – and a special offer to help ease your mind

After we make your house maintenance free, one of the most common places for damage is your garage door aluminum trim. We’re going to offer to replace this one time at no additional charge if you ever dent it, ding it, smash the lawn mower into it, or smash the car into it!

As craftsmen, our goal is to do exceptional work. As a family owned business that has endured for multiple generations, our goal is to provide such an amazing & positive experience that you can’t wait to run out and tell your neighbors about us!

We work in many CT towns including Oxford, Seymour, Beacon Falls and more

To request a quote, call us at (203) 929-5737 or visit

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