“The neighbors spoke very, very highly of him…”

We’re always amazed at the feedback we receive from our customers. In the video below, our video person interviewed a couple from Hamden, CT – asking about their experience with having vinyl siding installed on their home as well as with Creative Home Improvement.

A few highlights:

  • They were both working full time during the project, so it was important to find a contractor they could trust while they were away.
  • It’s an older home, so they were very interested in a solution that looked like real wood yet did not require the expense and maintenance of real cedar


Watch / read the full interview below …

Excerpts From The Video

“We were very tired of the old siding. It looked bad, we were trying to figure out what we could do to make the house look better. We went to a home show and saw the examples of what could be done, and one of them was the (cedar impressions) siding that we chose. We thought that it looks great and would probably be a lot cheaper than tearing down the old siding, putting up all new wood and then painting it.”

“…. we have the Cedar Impressions, because it’s an older home and it makes the look of the cedar. The first time I saw it I was fooled by it. That’s why we chose it. We know it will last a lot longer than just wood, and we don’t have to paint it every five or six years. Its got 30 years on it minimum. So it seemed like the best possibility or the best option for us.”

“We both work and we were never here when the work was being completed, so we felt that we were in good hands with Andy and his dad, that we could go to work each day and know that our property was safe and would be well cared for. That right there put a level of trust for us. The neighbors spoke very, very highly of him. I think Andy’s personality, he just presented himself as trustworthy, sincere, hard working, and his own company responded in a timely manner, and you really felt comfortable with him. I think it’s the kind of decision you have to make anytime you have someone in your home and we were just very comfortable with him.”

“I would recommend Andy and his company to anyone without one moment of hesitation.”

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